The importance of branding

When you commit to starting up a new business or developing your SME, there are several issues you’ll need to cover including product development, staff costs and business premises to name a few. However, branding and marketing your business properly are also imperative to start-up success. Establishing your company’s identity through a logo or website is very important as what you portray on your website or through your promotional material gives your client base an insight into who you are as a business. The importance of branding for start-ups and SME’s should not be under estimated.

Branding that sticks

Your business logo is the first thing a customer will see, therefore it should stand out and be memorable. According to a report by Interbrand, out of the top 100 brands of the world, 93% of these brands logos are moderately simple, yet have a huge impact. But this simplicity is not something that stems from lack of attention. Ask any good graphic designer what techniques they use to come up with a brand logo and they won’t just talk about drawing, as design is so much more than the end product. Colour psychology, brand perception and experience all come into play to create a logo that works for each unique business, and if you’re not sure about how much colour matters, it may be worth noting that 33% of the top 100 business logos mentioned above used the colour blue – because blue psychologically promotes trust and professionalism.

A professional logo also helps promote company unity. Employees who are surrounded by a good quality logo will help them feel an affinity to the brand, which in turn encourages positive attitude and a healthier work environment. To your client base, a good quality graphic design communicates that you are willing to invest in your company; and that you truly believe in your business and its success and longevity. The endurance of your business helps improve customer loyalty, so investing in a logo to see you through every stage of your business is essential to success.

Avoiding the temptation of a “good deal”

Of course, budget constraints are always going to come into play for a small or medium sized business. But although you may be able to get a drawing cheaply through some purported designers, the likelihood is, if you don’t invest in the designer, they won’t invest in much more than a picture, and we’re pretty sure your brand is worth far more than a 20 minute rush job. Drawing on the expertise of a committed graphic designer helps businesses to understand what promotes their services best to the right audience, and a competent graphic designer will not only come up with a great design but will be able to create designs ready for any format whether digital or print – something you don’t always get from a cheap logo design. In fact, there are many small businesses who, after marketing their business online, find that the logo they’ve been using all this time isn’t actually print ready – necessitating the employment of a new designer to rejig the digital logo for print, and the extra cost associated with this adding to their marketing budget.

Great design, personal service

Using a design company with experience and expertise in graphic design and branding such as Transition Graphics means that not only do you get a personal service, you’ll get a comprehensive one too. Based in Gloucestershire, we get to know you and your business and understand your core values and company mission, allowing us to create a successful brand identity that will help your business grow. Whether you are looking for Graphic Design, Brand Design or Website Design in Gloucestershire and beyond, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive, personal, one to one service that will ensure all your business needs are fulfilled. Brand design is more than just the end product, so why start your journey to find a brand identity that lasts by hiring a designer that will give your brand the attention it deserves.




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