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Tri Team Glos

Tri Team Glos required Web design and SEO to raise awareness of the club in the local area. The site was to manage all aspects of the club. This clearly required a content management system which allows more access for the members in the form of them being able to access private content including race entries, member database, online payments and forums. At first this was a very sensitive project as not all the committee were initially behind the revamp of the web site. This was overcome by addressing each concern personally with various presentations highlighting the benefits to the membership and the profitability for club races.

Skills: Web design / Development / SEO

Tri Team Glos, Web design and SEO

Grant Smith has assisted ‘Tri Team Glos’ Triathlon Club in clarifying its branding and has taken the club website from a few static pages to the full content management system it is today. Which has enabled the membership to fully integrate with each other and with the club management committee. It has also enabled the club to sell race entries directly through its website, bringing about financial savings to the club.
I have always found Grant approachable, professional and giving good value for money. He is a pleasure to work with and has the ability to quickly interpret ideas and make them a reality.

Steve French

Chairman, Tri Team Glos

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