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Kudos multisport

Kudos Mutlisport is a company started by Roy Jones a highly experienced, multiple Ironman athlete. After discovering the sport to keep fit, Roy has progressed through the distances. This passion has now developed into a business for training other aspiring athletes to meet their goals. When performing sport it is the individuals effort and determination which is motivating them to try harder, push further and meet new challenges. With commitment from the individual, as a coach you can help them exceed their potential. However, this relies their efforts, you do the work and it will pay off is the coaches mantra. This logo is inspired by You Doing the work.
Do Sport.

Skills: Brand development / Logo design

Logo design
Logo design

Grant’s experience provided an in-depth level of subject knowledge which was key to developing a brand logo that encapsulated our ethos. His flexible communication skills further enhanced the process allowing ideas to flow back and forth to reach a short deadline.
He is able to creatively look beyond the brief and anticipate broader scope to a branding objective. This brought about a “lightbulb” moment when he presented what would become the final design.

Roy Jones

Director, Kudos Multisport

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