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Logo design: Raster vs Vector file formats   Last week I was talking with a business owner at a networking meeting I was attending. They started telling me about a logo that they had commissioned for their new business. And how they were not very happy with the process thus...

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Ranking on search engines

Last week I had a meeting regarding a branding project with a client I have in Cheltenham. As we were discussing the project, our attentions turned to their website, and ways in which we would incorporate the new brand elements. Whenever it comes to websites, I am...

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Local SEO: Are you being found?

If you own a local business, are you doing everything you can to be found when someone searches for your business type? Local SEO has become a bit of a buzzword in the past few months, but I think that this is far from a fad. It stands to reason that if you are...

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The importance of branding

When you commit to starting up a new business or developing your SME, there are several issues you’ll need to cover including product development, staff costs and business premises to name a few. However, branding and marketing your business properly are also...

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How is your website performing?

At Transition Graphics we not only build great websites, but we can also optimise existing sites. Many factors can affect your website’s performance, broken links, repeated page titles and lack of meta descriptions to mention a few. All the errors that are being written off as not important could be affecting your ranking on search engines such as Google.

What is the point of having a great website, if your clients are not finding it? To the right is a FREE website audit tool which will help to diagnose some common website errors.

Hope you find this useful?

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