Frequently asked questions regarding Transition Graphics.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Transition Graphics and the services offered. Please have a read through and feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

What design services do you offer?

Primarily I provide small and medium sized businesses with unique print design, websites and branding, I also branch off into other areas, including exhibition design and tender proposals.

How much do you charge for design?

Each project is different and as such is estimated and billed accordingly based on my hourly rate. Graphic design is a bespoke service which takes time and requires a lot of back-and-forth between the designer and the client. Therefore I charge hourly.

Initially I will provide you with an estimate of cost based on the information you provide me with, but bill for extra hours over the initial estimate. On the other hand, if the project comes in under the estimated time, then I will bill accordingly.

I have a budget of £XX, will this get me what I want?

Whilst I do my best to accommodate a range of budgets, as mentioned above, design is a time-consuming process and working on a project with a low budget is risky for business. As a result I do not work for a fixed rate, all work is charged hourly. I understand that funds aren’t always in the bank when you need them though, so I’m happy to negotiate monthly payments to help.

What files will you provide me with once a project is completed?

This depends entirely on the project and what you as a client will need. For print designs, I will supply print-ready artwork that can be given straight to a printer. All files are handed over once final payment is completed.

Ok, I’m sold, lets get started…

If you are a new customer, by new I mean we have never worked together. Before any work is started, I require an upfront deposit of 50% of the total estimated cost, though this can be negotiated on a project-by-project basis. This is simply a guarantee for me that you are able and willing to spend money on the design work.

I do not start any work until the deposit has been paid, so please take this into account when you have a deadline to meet.

Do you work for free?

Short answer, no, long answer, yes, but only for good causes, and only if I’m available. Whilst I’d love to be able to help, paying clients are a business priority.


Transition Graphics was started by Grant Smith, a graphic designer with over 17 years experience in a wide variety of creative disciplines. Delivering high-quality solutions for businesses within Graphic Design, Web Design & Branding. Based in Gloucestershire, we can help you communicate clearly and effectively to your existing customers, and also generate new business by connecting with new audiences.

We pride our selves on delivering personal, bespoke, creative solutions to every brief.

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